A Quick Overnight Visit

I think I should just drive to see you in the middle of the night.  I could get there right after your bath.  I ring your door bell and your shocked that I’m actually there.

You answer in a bathrobe with your hair up.  Of course I smile at you. You are saying something about wishing you had on make up or something and I interrupt you by ripping your bathrobe off of you but keeping your arms bound in the sleeves behind you.  You are startled as I gaze you up and down.  You start to say something else, I raise my finger to your mouth and I say, “shhh”.  I trace slowly along the lines of your lips.  Then I take the sash used to tie the robe, I put it in your mouth and cinch it behind your head.  I back you up against the arm of the couch and push you back over it exposing your pussy to me.  I slap your inner thigh, Not too hard but hard enough to cause some pain.  You mumble something and I smile sweetly at you and slap the other inner thigh right next to your pussy.  I lean over, taking your legs and putting them over my shoulder, I place my face next to your pussy and I deeply inhale it’s delicious scent as your pheromones spur me on.   I slowly lick up your labia lips while I squeeze your ass cheeks.

Your clit was already swollen when I got there but now it is pulsing. I clasp my mouth over you and suck your pussy in my mouth. Keeping suction on your clit I make my tongue fat and wide as I slowly lick your wet insides up to your clit. I just touch it with the tip of my tongue. I hear you gasp. And I look down at you from my wonderful vantage point. The sash has come out of your mouth and is hanging around your neck. Your breasts are so damn sexy laying there exposed with your arms still behind your back. Your hair has come undone and you have no idea how gorgeous it looks framing your shocked and eager face. I slap your stomach making your eyes flash with anger, so I do it again while smiling big at you. Then I pull back the flesh above your pussy allowing me full access to your clit. I close my mouth over your pussy again putting suction on it while I artfully work your sex organ till it gives me what I want; your juice. I hear you sigh and moan.

You delight in the scratch of my beard against your inner inner thighs and loins. You let go and surrender to the stimulation of your cunt. You are so fucking hot and wet, anticipating…

I raise up from between your legs and place you sitting up right on the couch. As I help get your arms loosened from the robe and I throw it on the floor you can see your juice all in my beard. I grasp your hair and lift you up. You are liking it but your sort of pissed. I kiss you, as you delight in the taste of yourself in my mouth. I tell you to take me to your bedroom. I’m loving seeing you completely naked. You are gorgeous. I admire your sleek legs leading up to your fine ass. Your back and shoulders and neck are beauty itself, like a Greek statue. You turn around and face me. I’ve been throwing my clothes off as we walked to your room. I’m completely naked except for the damn socks I am having trouble getting off. You laugh as I stumble a little and I playfully throw my sock at you, missing. Then you start to admire my flesh. You are not disappointed from daydreaming at my profile picture. I let you look at me while striking a pose turning my hips so you can see my ass. You smile. I grab my big hard dripping dick and slowly stroke up and down while looking at a you. You look at the drop of pre cum coming out of the tip. You watch me for a minute and then you lean over to suck the drop off the head of my beautiful cock. You start to take over and suck on it. I let you run your tongue up and down it and put it in your mouth and throat till it started to gag you. I grab you by your pretty hair and pull you up to your feet. Then I walk you back to your bed and throw you on it. I climb on as I get you on your back. As you are laying down looking up at me admiring the muscles in my shoulders and neck I have positioned myself between your legs. I am in a plank position and you are surprised at how fucking hard my dick is as it presses into your leg. As I’m over you, I position my dick right at the entrance to your waiting pussy. I look you in the eyes and while doing so I take my hand and run my dick up and down at the entrance to your temple that I’ve come to worship with my whole being. It is so wet. I love watching the pleasure show in your face as I move it up and down and around and next to your clit.

Then I bring my hand back up and I grab that sash that is still hanging around your neck from your robe. I twist it around my hand till is is firmly around your throat. I’m still looking you in the eyes, with out words, saying, “you can trust me”. My dick is resting at the outside of your swollen lips. You are looking back into my eyes, silently saying “Please fuck the shit out of me!”

I pull tighter on the sash around your neck choking you as I slam the full length of my dick into you, hitting your cervix. My pelvis smashes into yours, hitting your swollen clit, causing you that painful pleasure. You can hear the sound of the smashing flesh and the wetness of our juice hitting with the skin.

Oh, your face, it so fucking beautiful as I watch the expression of pain and pleasure as I pull the length of myself from you and I do it again and again and again. I was in control when I started but now I’m loosing my mind to the experience of being one with you, fucking you. I’m so turned on. I let go of the sash and pull it away from your neck so you can breath, you gasp for air. I grab the hair at the top of your head as I continue to pile drive your pussy. As you get your breath back you discover that I’ve pulled your legs back in front of my shoulders so I could get even deeper inside, searching your jeweled depth within. You watch me as I aggressively pound your pussy. You observe the muscles in my arms as they pull your body towards me as my lower torso slams against you and pushes you back. You think the thought of how fucking sexy it is to be looking above your breasts and up between your legs and see my shoulder muscles, pec muscles, all working for one goal; to fuck you.

The bed sounds like it is being broken with each slam of my body into yours. You are now screaming and have grasped my back digging in with your nails. You are wanting, craving, more of me, more than flesh can give. My groans have now shifted to screams. I raise up (like King Kong would to beat his chest) and grasp your hips. The bed has completely moved away from the wall. I keep hitting your pussy, still smashing your clit, and I scream out “Fuck!!” long and loud, as your muscles clinch and pulsate around my cock that is unloading itself with cum in your pretty pussy. Your body quivers as you lay back and watch me finish ejaculating inside of you. I fall down upon you catching my breath.

Once I catch my breath, I raise up a little and see you grinning really big at me and I say, “Hi.” You laugh and say hi back. Then I ask if I can stay the night. You say that I can if I don’t snore.


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