Bathtub Imaginings of Crude Erotica Still Lingering in the Head

She pulled her hair back and put it in a bun as she turned the bath water on with her toe. As the water filled the tub she removed her clothes and let them fall the the floor and as they hit the ground so did her cares of the day. She drew in a deep breath in and released. Her long leg was propped up as she poured some bath oils and salts in the water. Her hand stroked up her leg and she allowed herself to feel the sensual pleasure. Turning to the mirror she faced herself. She was beautiful. Sometimes she knew it and sometimes not so much. She was learning to accept herself as she is, to love herself. She admired the structure of her face, her long neck, sleek shoulders. Her chest always was the perfect spot for any jewel to rest upon. Her breasts were the envy of all that knew her. She grabbed and squeezed her bosoms together and let them fall. They bounced and she smiled. The mirror was steaming up and the water was ready, she turned to get in, but not before glancing at and running her hand over her ass. It felt good. It felt good to her hand and to her ass. As she stepped into the tub she let her hand rub to her inner thigh, sending signals of pleasure to the brain.
She had been downsizing from the world she had been in for so long. It had rewarded her for her skills and effort affording her places to live most dreamt of. There were sacrifices, sure, but we all sacrifice something. As she let the heat of the water envelope her naked body her mind let go of other things. She focused on the heat and what it did to her skin. The aroma of cedar wood relaxed her being as she let her head lean back against the wall of the tub. After a minute she pulled her arms up to let down her hair. Her beautiful breasts rose above the water and as the water ran down and around them, it was a sight to behold. It was beauty. It was woman, naked, in the flesh.

As she began this continuation of growing into who she really is, a self actualization, she was learning to reconnect with her self. She had been so busy caring for others, focused on her successful career, raising children, the men in her life, she had forgotten to give herself pleasure. Of course she had nice jewelry, cars, purses. She dined well, had great friends, but her self was asking for pleasure and she had started to listen. She placed her hands on her stomach and started to fall into the space between dream and reality. Her thoughts were idle for awhile. As her hands moved up and circled around her breasts she started to recall an erotic story she had read recently that a friend of hers had recommended. It was certainly a rough story full of testosterone and lust. As this critique of the story ran through her head, blood began to pulse to the erogenous zones within her body. Her hands began to slowly investigate herself and the sensations. By no means was she unfamiliar, she knew them and knew them well. It brought a slight grin to her face as she stroked underneath her arm following through her armpit to her chest, just the fact that by touching oneself could bring pleasure. She continued to touch. And relax.

This crude story of a man walking into a convenient store and wanting to fuck a cashier he had never met ( after already having sex with his wife that morning.  Why did this story stir her. She began to explore her inner thighs with her long thin fingers. She began to loose herself and imagine she was the cashier the man said he desired to fuck in the story.

She noticed him when he walked in the store. He was handsome, muscular, confident. It is amazing how much you can read by a person’s posture and how they walk. She told him good morning in a sexy voice. He smiled and went to the drinks. He came back up and asked me for a certain drink he couldn’t find. I told him sure, I’d show him where they were. She imagined trying to seduce this man with her walk and the swaying of her juicy ass. As she continued to imagine this scene she glided her hands over her hips and across her pelvis, and down, circling her ass. Taking her time with each movement, delighting in the pleasure. She lifted her ass off the tub and felt herself up. She liked her ass. Then she continued the play in her head. The man asked if he could fuck her in the cooler. A complete stranger! A very sexy complete stranger! But non the less. Her mind wanted to object, but really it wanted to surrender to this man. Her reflex objection was “seriously?” To which he replied “yes”. As soon as he asked to fuck her the first time, she imagined herself getting wet. She imagined only wondering how big his cock was to come in here so boldly and say that. She knew her cunt was going to find out. As she began to kneed her breast and circle and play with her nipples she could hear the cooler door closing and feel the man pulling down her pants and panties. She imagined how amazingly hot this would be, to be having sex with a complete stranger, at work. Her hands moved from her breasts to her lips, her labia lips and began to touch them. She imagined him shoving all of his fingers in her soaking wet, hot, dripping, inviting, cunt. Was he going to put his whole hand in? And she imagined as the girl did in the story, pushing her weight down upon it to help him. It hurt, but fuck it felt so good. Her imagination ran with his tongue, his artful tongue, as it circled, played and danced with her asshole. As she imagined that part she had both hands touching her self. One finger kept playing with her asshole circling her rim. As she did this she laid her head back and opened her mouth. It always felt so good and was so relaxing to play with her ass. She imagined this for awhile. With her other hand she massaged her clitoris, slowly, bringing delight to herself. This crude story turned her on and made her want to be taken like this. She wanted to be slammed against the cooler door. She wanted his hand completely in her pussy making her squirt all over their clothes. She wanted him to take his hand, swiping their mixed juice from their sex, and shoving it in her mouth as she sucked and licked his hand. Rubbing herself wasn’t going to get this sensation. But she was a patient woman. She wanted to feel his dick penetrate her ass and feel it’s incredible hardness as the thing pulsed like a god damn weapon of some kind, unloading its power into her surrendered, enraptured self.

She had one foot in the tub and one foot on the bath mat. She inserted a pinky in her ass and three fingers in hers pussy. With her other hand she worked her clit as she watched her fuck herself in the mirror. It was such a turn on to see her own hand penetrate herself. Her breasts swaying and bouncing back and forth as she continued fucking, imaging she was being taken in the cooler. Her moans turned to groans and then to grunts. She bit her lip as she ran her hand in circles over her clit and the other hand, as tired as it was kept forcing itself in and out of her, filling her holes the best she could to meet her imagination’s expectations. She bit her lip hard as she began to shake. First at her legs, then her whole body. Here came the crescendo she was seeking. It came in a scream from her gut as she squirted her ejaculation all over her legs, feet, and floor. It covered her hand as she kept working her clit. It was a beautiful sight that no one would witness. It was a beautiful experience only between herself and her imagination. She did however, throw out a big thank you to the anonymous author who wrote that pussy dripping story.


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