Culminated Lust with a Cashier

I am always horny. But this morning I really was. Before I left the house my wife had let me fuck her. But I was still wanting to fuck. I desired to hear the sounds of flesh slapping, moans, grunts. I wanted to smell sex. I wanted to smell ripe pussy juicy for the taking, I wanted to smell my cum mixed with some girl’s cum.

I was on my way to work and I pulled into the convenient store to buy a Redbull. When I walked in the clerk said good morning. I wanted her. Her face was cute, but even more so she had nice tits and a nice ass. I went back to the cooler looking for the sugar free Redbulls. I couldn’t find them. I walked back towards the clerk that I wanted to fuck. I asked if they had any of the sugar free ones. She thought so and came around the counter to show me. As I followed her I watched her ass checks move up and down with each step, her hips had a nice swivel. I was hypnotized. She pointed to where they were. I guess it was the madness of the state my mind was in and her hypnotic walk, I just came out and asked her. “Would you let me fuck you in this cooler? Startled, she turned and looked at me, adjusting her shirt and messing with her hair. I repeated myself, “Will you let me fuck YOU and give you an orgasm in the cooler right now?” She laughed with a slight grin as her skin grew red. “Seriously?”, she asked. I said, “Yes, I am.” She moved toward the big silver door that led to the cooler and swung it open, I followed her in. As the door closed, I spun her around facing the silver door and shoved her up against it. I grabbed the back of her pants, with her panties, and pulled them down over her meaty cheeks, exposing her delicious ass. I ran my other hand up the front of her shirt and freed her breast by lifting the wire of her bra. As I ground my hand between her legs against her labia and clit, she widened her stance. I leaned around towards her now exposed tit and sucked it in my mouth as if it was giving me the essence of life. With my tongue I gave her nipple the utmost of my attention as her pussy became soaked and covered my hand. I released her tit from my mouth and hand. I grabbed her by her long dark curly hair and shaved her forward exposing her fine ass and beautiful glistening pussy. I pulled her pants a little further down. I took one hand and drew my fingers and thumb together. I put it in her wet gap as far sat it would go. Then I began to corkscrew my hand in and out forcing it in her hole as much as I could get it as her muscles stretched and she stifled an moan and pressed her weight down to accept what I was giving her. With my other hand I began to massage her clit. She drew her shirt into her mouth and bit on it to hold back the screams she was wanting to let out. I brought my face to her ass and made my tongue fat and wide. I started at the bottom of her crack and went up past her rim. Then I used my tongue to circle slowly around the rim of her ass while massaging her clit and trying to get my knuckles past her swollen lips. She looked down at me with a look of wildness and awe. I was getting high off her moans, body shudders, and juices. Sternly and strongly, underneath her breath she yelled, “Fuck me!” To which I replied by shoving my tongue in her sweet ass as far as it would go and simultaneously shoving my hand all the way in her tight pussy. I moved my hand forward and backwards maybe five strokes. She grabbed my hair with one hand pulling me in her ass and with the other grasped my shoulder for balance as her whole body began to quiver and shake. I was getting off getting her off the noises of her mouth drove me insane with lust and near satisfaction. I withdrew my hand from her once she had regained her leg muscles and oh, the juices were everywhere. With my soaked hand I shoved my hand in her mouth and grasped her jaw, shoving her face to the cooler door. I pulled my rock hard dripping cock out and went to work in that heavenly place. She was licking and sucking on my fingers driving me wild causing me to increase the speed and pressure of my fucking her. I was about to cum. I pulled out my soaked dick and shoved it in her ass. As she tried to scream she drooled down my arm and I pressed down on her tongue. I couldn’t take anymore and I shot my load all in her tight asshole. We gathered our breaths, I pulled my pants on, I brought her mouth to mine and stuck my tongue in her mouth twirling it around hers a couple of times. I politely moved her out of the way and walked out of the cooler with her still in there. I grabbed a sugar free Redbull and checked out with the other cashier.


(The following link is to a story of a girl getting herself off in the bathtub to this story.)


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