Fuck Me While I’m Sleeping

She was laying beside me. I longed to put my dick in any, if not all, of her holes and cum, releasing that incredible build up that made me want to shove aside any mutual consent and just fuck her in a completely selfish way. She had been really tired for the last few days. There was a lot going on in her/our life. As I lay beside her naked, we were cuddled close, and I was watching her sleep. She begin to make soft moans when exhaling her breath. I hoped she was dreaming of me. Honestly I didn’t care who or what she was dreaming of as long as it made her aroused and I got to fuck her and orgasm. Recently we discovered how turned on we both became by putting my fingers in her mouth and she sucking and licking on them. I put my finger next to her lips to see if she would take them. I smiled when she parted her lips and I could feel the moist heat of her breath on my first two fingertips. In magical form, my dick began to fill with blood. As I gave her my fingers to suck and lick, I couldn’t resist the urge to gyrate my hips and rub my cock against her warm smooth flesh. She began to rub her tongue back and forth on the tips of my fingers while she sucked really hard. Now there was more than just smooth skin, my pre-cum was lubing her flesh. With her hand she grabbed my shaft and began to stroke it, sending satisfaction to my core, yet I always long for more. She broke the suction and tonguing of my fingers long enough to tell me I could put it in. I rolled up on her and with my other hand I slid my hand along the curvature of her ass cheek till I felt the heat from her hot hole, and ran it further down till my fingers slipped in that wet warm welcoming place. I slid in her three of my fingers and she let out a gasp and then a moan and she rolled her hips causing my hand to go deeper in her pussy. She was so wet. I grabbed my cock stroking it as I shifted to penetrate her. She raised her hips to meet me and I surrendered all of myself to her, literally. As the length of my cock went all the way in and the wonderful way she sucked and tongued my fingers, there wasn’t anything left of me, my cock began to pulsate and spasm as I embraced her warm sweet flesh. I attempted to give three or four good strokes, but I was spent. She grinned and we could both feel my cum seeping from her glorious hole that I was held captive to.  Death could have me now.


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