Short erotic interaction

I crave your touch till I can penetrate your hot wet pussy, smashing against your skin and hearing the sound of the sweat and bodily fluids and feeling the wetness locked in the hair surrounding my dick and my balls feeling the wetness of your juice dripping down that beautiful space and pooling in your asshole, where I want to put my tongue first and then my finger, and as you moan and buck for more, I put two fingers, but that isn’t satisfying your eagerness, so I pull out of your pussy taking my dripping rock hard cock and slowly twirl it around your asshole as you put your face and chest on the mattress and you raise your beautiful round ass to me. Half demanding, half begging for me to fuck it, I start to loose my mind in the passion. I put the tip of my cock to that sweet spot and slowly start to penetrate. You reach back with your hands and spread your meaty ass checks apart. It is all I can do to resist your desire for me to grab your hips pulling you against me and to fill you with my length and my aggression. You beg, this time with a moan and the swivel of your hips for me to “please, please fuck my ass!” As I enter you the tightness and heat is ecstasy. I can no longer control myself. I reach forward and grasp your swaying tit with my nails. I dig in and pull hard and I lean over with a growl and bite the back of your neck, hard, all while fully entering you with my swollen beating cock that hurts from its engorgement. It is ready to spew forth and surrender its life force in the darkest depth of your being. You cry out in pain and in pleasure. You growl as I begin to pump in and out causing us both to be filled with pleasure and wholly lost in the moment. Your mantra has become, “Fuck me, Baby! Fuck me!” It is turned from growls into cries. I am so lost in myself and in your body, something inside clicks, this isn’t making love. I reach forward and grab your mouth with both of my hands, inserting my fingers and pulling your mouth back towards me. Your deepened, guttural moans spur me on. I’m fucking you like the beautiful whore you are. I’m pounding and taking your ass and with ever smashing hit of my pelvis and hips hitting your sexy ass, your moans turn to screams. I start to scream. I feel that grip of your tight anus start to pulse and demand that I unload inside of it. As you scream, “Oh my fucking God!! Oh my fucking God!!” (to which I take in reference to me) I scream, “Take my cum you fucking slut!” I spasm and release a gush of my precious pearly semen inside you while you are still pulsing and quaking from your orgasm. It drips forth from your infiltrated asshole down to your steaming cunt. I reach between your your legs and swipe my fingers across your swollen juicy pussy and collect the amalgamation of our mystical substance. I collapse on top of you and I put my hand up to your mouth for you to taste. You open your mouth willingly and I smear it inside, then you lick and suck my fingers. Then I grab your head by hour hair and pull you close to me and kiss and tongue your mouth, reaching as far inside you as I can trying to kiss your soul. I smile looking you in the eyes as the sweat drips between our embracing bodies. Exhausted, you smile back.


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