I’ll Pleasure You

I hope you get off thinking of me. I love thinking of you giving yourself pleasure. I wish I could lay between your legs and use my mouth. I’m really good at using my mouth. I don’t mean to sound cocky. I just know how to react to your reactions. The best give-away is the […]

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A Quick Overnight Visit

Another one for Sketchy – I think I should just drive to see you in the middle of the night.  I could get there right after your bath.  I ring your door bell and your shocked that I’m actually there. You answer in a bathrobe with your hair up.  Of course I smile at you. […]

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Hot Anal Sex – My Response to Stay With Me – (Stay With Me, by Katya Evangeline)

Here is the link to Stay With Me, written by Katya Evangeline; https://katyaevangeline.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/stay-with-me/ I crave your touch and can’t wait till I can penetrate your hot wet pussy. I smash against your skin and hear the sound and smell the scent of sweat and bodily fluids as I enter you. Our wetness is locked in […]

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